Ilish Thali for 2


Bhaja Ilish (2 pcs)
Ilish macher matha die lau/pui shaag (can be substituted with narkel die lau ghonto)
Ilish bhape (2 pcs)
Begun kumro die ilish (2 pcs)
Misti doi


Send ilish thali to Kolkata, best quality ilish to Kolkata.

Send ilish thali to Kolkata

Whoever said that the king of good times is Kingfisher lied. The real King of good time, at least good Bengali times is Ilish maach. Can you imagine a good, traditional, Bengali celebration without a slice of Hilsa? I bet not. There is nothing that a Bnegali family appreciates more than a well cooked Ilish. And we guarantee that both the fish and the delicacy would be much appreciated by your loved ones. Do not wait! Send ilish thali to Kolkata today!

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Send ilish thali to Kolkata
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